Parent Education Classes

Welcome to Baby Steps!

A fast, inexpensive and informative series of programs to help answer the "Now What?!?" questions we all have! Meet other parents experiencing the same struggles while receiving up-to-date information. Sign up for one or more as your child grows!

Ready for Daycare

-Understanding the difference between types of daycare.

-Knowing the laws

-Choosing the best fit for your family

-Preparing your child (and you!) for the transition

Potty Training

-Understanding the "dirty" details about your child and getting ready to potty train!

Ready for School

-How to prepare your child for school

-What teachers want you to know!!

-Lunch and snack prep

-Supplies, what do we need?

The Dos and Don'ts of Discipline

-When to start

-Healthy hints

-Consistency and communication

Internet Safety for New Parents

-To post or not to post

-Understanding geo tagging and locations

-What's out there, stays out there

Internet Safety for Parents with Children using Computers

-Responsible posting

-Tracking internet use

-Hidden dangers