Our Families Thoughts

When our second son arrived, these amazing doulas came into our home and they were like angels sent from heaven! They brought calm to chaos, with breastfeeding support, helping with sibling adjustment, making meals, doing laundry and a ton of other 'little' things that made a BIG difference at such a critical time for our family. Thank you so much, Your Village, for being exactly what we needed! We really couldn't have done it without you!

Chris, Jerry, CJ and Baby Gabriel

I thought I knew everything there was to know about becoming a Mom. I read every book, signed up on every website and talked with all my "expert friends" about what to expect. But as my pregnancy went on I was more and more nervous about what was coming next.  A friend of mine suggested I use a Doula for my birth planning and labour support, WOW what a difference!  Lynsey was the calm to my storm and her constant support was undeniably what helped me through a hard labour and lengthy recovery.  But it wasn't just me she supported my husband felt so involved through the whole process and we are better today after receiving support.  It really does take a village and I am so glad we found the right one!

Thank you, thank you!

Cassie, Allan and Jordan

I do not know how to thank Lynsey and Your Village London enough.  She was everything I didn't know I needed! She was so knowledgeable and supportive throughout my pregnancy. But I honestly had no idea how much I would need her after.  My recovery was long and breastfeeding was harder then I ever imagined.  But Lynsey knew I wanted to nurse my son and she never gave up on me, even when I did.  Thank you for being in the trenches with me and never giving up! I look forward to working with you again for our next one! 

Love, Jen, Ryan and Aiden

Because of the overwhelmingly large number of family we have in the city, we decided to use Your Village London's Intimate Partners Birth Program for our labour and delivery and we are SO happy we did!  My partner and I have never been so connected!  Although my labour was long in hours, each hour brought my husband and I closer. He was so confident in the ways to support me during labour and I was so open to letting him guide me through the pain.  Taking Your Village London's Intimate Partners Birth Program made all the difference.  We also choose to purchase several hours of Postpartum Support which turned into several packages of Postpartum Support because we loved the guidance we were given, and the peace of mind that we were keeping our tiny human alive and well! Oh and did I mention the food! Yummy! I may have another baby just to have Lynsey bring me those dinners again!

Thank you from all our family for making this journey so memorable! 

The Thompson Family