Young Parents Program

When the unexpected happens emotions can run high and become overwhelming. At Your Village London we believe in providing support to young families and providing them with the tools to be successful in each future endeavour. We believe in working with the expecting Mothers and their primary caregivers to help unpack expectations, build communication, and set clear goals.

Your Practitioner can:

-Help young parents connect with positive community resources.

-Provide clear and accurate information about pregnancy and birth.

-Help families develop strong communication.

-Work with parents or caregivers of the expectant mother to navigate how to become a Grandparent well still parenting their teen.

-Develop a plan with a focus on continuing and completing education goals

-Work with the expectant mother and her partner to build better communication and navigate becoming young parents.

-Build a bridge between the two families to help create a loving and strong support system for the new tiny human.

-Help families create an exit plan for when the young Mother and child are ready to be on their own.

-Provide information and support on adoption and other birthing options.